PADI Dive Master

Start Course theory online

Complete Classroom, Pool + Ocean Diving in Nha Trang (min 10 days)

Our Prerequisites:

Be 18 or older (15 for Junior Divemaster)

You’ll need to have over 100 (50 for Junior) logged dives in varying conditions,

especially Deep, Navigation, Night + Nitrox

Course Requirements + Costs:

DM Course fee US$1,250

DM Digital Crewpack + Theory with Backpack + Slates US$750

DM registration US$150

Mandatory Dive Accessories (2 Signaling devices, Dive Computer, Compass, Knife, Torch, Pocket Mask) POA

Standard Dive Equipment rental POA

By the end of the course you will have mastery of...

  • Dive guiding – preparing, briefing, leading and conducting guided pleasure diving experiences for certified divers.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of diving theory and the PADI system – topics including, diving Physics, physiology, RDPs, equipment and environment. Also an depth understanding of the PADI training system and regulations/legalities of the recreational diving industry and education.
  • Comprehensive water skills assessed and timed for a range of abilities.
  • Exemplary demonstration standard of the “core” PADI diving skills: Hovering, Mask removal/replace, CESA etc.
  • Exemplary rescue skills and Accident management abilities including a comprehensive ‘Emergency Action Plan’.
  • Minimum dive experience of 100 logged dives including proven experience with Night, Deep and Navigation dives. This should be considered a minimum only and we will take you well beyond this!
  • Also including a Mapping project and equipment exchange (also know as the “stress” test).
  • Continued professional assessment in key areas.
  • Demonstrable experience working as an Instructor-assistant on a full range of PADI courses – managing students and logistics, leading tour portions of dives and supervising students.