December update around Phu Quoc Island

by Jeremy Stein: Owner + Founder of Rainbow Divers-Vietnam


" What is diving around Phu Quoc like?

In short, it's safe, relatively shallow and teeming with macro-marinelife!

I've dived at some of the best divesites in the World but still love the biodiversity of the

marinelife on Phu Quoc; great destination for your PADI Course.

But beware:

from Ashes a Phoenix arises.....

from the devastation of Covid, opportunists open divecentres to make a quick buck!

Insist on a reputable centre with PADI Accreditation,

NOT the cheap-cheap alternatives.

Safety + Professionalism are the most important; NOT price!"



To support the Government and to help stem the Corona virus spread, we suspended all diving activities for the last 2 seasons.


Despite the ever-changing regulations regarding diving around Phu Quoc Island, we are now able to offer Daily diving trips and PADI Dive Courses around the An Thoi Islands and to the North. 


We are now open for daily divetrips and all PADI Courses


 No suitable premises are currently available to open a professional Rainbow Dive Centre on Phu Quoc, so rather than create a sub-standard image, we will wait until the right premises become available.


 In the meantime and to ensure a professional service to our Divers and students, we are working with a well-established Vietnamese divecentre on Phu Quoc, but with our own Pro-Team of Instructors, Divemasters and Guides.

Just contact us and we can come and meet you to get you booked in!




Traditionally when the rainy season starts and adversely affects the water conditions and restricts visibility, potentially affecting safety, we'll close for the season at the end of February/March.


However, when we are closed in Phu Quoc you can still enjoy diving at our other locations: Nha Trang and on Whale Island


A typical programme for diving to the South feels like this:


* Pick ups as arranged between 8-8.20am

* 30 minute Aircon bus trip to the Harbour

* Boat briefing on board before departure

* 45 minute cruise to the 1st divesite whilst your Instructor briefs you on your equipment and the divesite

* Dive for 40-60 minutes

* Move boat to 2nd divesite. Dive for 40-60 minutes

* 3rd dive for those taking the PADI Advanced Course

* Lunch is served during the 3rd dive + on the way back to the harbour whilst completing Logbooks

* Drop off at the agreed rendezvous around 2.30pm


Similar to the North, but earlier return time due to the shorter travel time.



DAILY DIVE TRIPS 8am - 2.30pm

( we offer a free pick up from selected Hotels)


We can offer photos + videos of you underwater with prices starting from just $20

Ask your Guide!


REFRESHER (not dived for a while?) $50

Let's get you underwater in a Pool and get your confidence back

before making your Fun Dives in the Ocean.

Online THEORY 'ReActivate' $70


CERTIFIED DIVERS (includes equipment + lunch on board)

2/3 Dives: South Islands: $110/150.       North Island: $90/125


 Private Boat - minimum 2 Divers:

South Islands $195/2 Dives + $235/3 Dives each

Includes Lunch on an Island


PADI Discover Scuba Diving (Try Dives) $150

Minimum age 10

Includes free online introduction to diver safety, a Pool session + 2 Ocean Dives.

See the information below to register and get started


PADI Bubblemaker (pool try-dive) $75

For 8 + 9 years old. Swimming-Pool scuba experience


Snorkeling + Passengers

North $35.        South $45





We take a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 Students per Instructor per Course

for your safety + fun and our control



Theory should be completed online directly with PADI before arriving (Click here to get started).

To maximize your time on Phu Quoc Island, we also can arrange for you complete the

Pool Training in Saigon, if required.

Minimum age 10



Theory online, A pool training session, beach + Ocean Dives over 2 mornings from $395

Theory online, A pool training session, 4 Ocean Dives over 2 mornings $450



 A sub-course of the Open Water Course for those who don't have time to complete the full Course

Theory online, Pool session + 2 Ocean dives

You can then upgrade to the Open Water Certification anywhere in the world!



Comprises Theory online + 5 Ocean Training dives over 2 mornings.

We recommend: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID, Navigation, Deep + Boat Dives.

Other Adventure Dives available on request.



Complete theory online before arriving.

2 Boat dives with Gas Analysis


RESCUE COURSE             $450

Comprises Theory online, a Pool session (also available in Saigon) and 2 mornings on the Boat.


Current (within 24 months) proof of First Aid + CPR training is required prior to certification. Alternatively, we can offer the EFR (Emergency First Response) course

with theory online and practical application in Saigon for $200.

After we have answered all your questions and you've decided to proceed and book, you can transfer the agreed payment:


* To a UK or French Bank Account (ask for details)

* To a Vietnamese Bank Account using QR Code

* Use the QR Code to pay via PayPal

* Pay with Cash or Credit Card in our Saigon Divecentre

* Pay with Credit Card online (ask us for details)


We then issue an invoice to you with a copy to our Team on PQ

To use the QR Code for Bank Transfer, you need to open your own banking app and select QR.


Whilst it is not required or expected, it is always appreciated!

So if you've had a really good experience and want to thank your Instructor or Guide, please do so :-) 

In the unlikely event that your trip is below expectations, excluding weather + Viz which are beyond our control, please discuss realistically with our staff.

Failing that please contact Jeremy citing facts



With thousands of Hotels on the Island and hundreds of online booking agencies, it's impossible to recommend places to stay, as prices, especially online, vary on an hourly basis!

However, we have a couple of places from where we can offer free pick-ups for diving and can arrange dive training in their Pool, but feel free to check for alternative deals online.

Long Mountain Resort

Single Room from 450,000vnd per night

Double/Twin Room from 650,000vnd per night

Dusit Princess Moonrise Beach Resort

Around 1,800,000-2,200,000vnd per night