Why are you called  Rainbow Divers? 


When we were looking for suitable premises to expand in Nha Trang in 1999 we agreed with a local beach-bar complex, The Rainbow Bar, to open there.



Their condition was that we promoted their name. As a Rainbow aptly described the colourful reefs around Nha Trang, we naturally agreed: thus Rainbow Divers

Who owns Rainbow Divers? 


We are a 100% foreign-owned Vietnamese Company founded by English PADI Course Director Jeremy Stein.




He is the Top Instructor-Trainer in Vietnam and continues to pursue perfection for diving throughout the country through his relentless drive and passion for diving.

He remains in day to day control of the dive centres and is supported by a superb International Pro-Team.

What do you offer that other's don't? 

  • The simple answer is years of experience and true professionalism. Come and talk to us and make your own decision.
  • Courses + Dive groups max 4:1. Try Dives always 1:1
  • We always have an experienced + attentive DM on the boat (not smoking or sleeping!)


  • All our staff speak English and at least 1 other language
  • We have a dedicated full-service 5 Star dive centre with AC Classrooms; you can complete your classroom + pool training in Saigon.
  • We choose the best dive sites available determined by weather conditions and boat traffic

Who are PADI?


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The most recognised and respected name in the diving industry.


75% of divers worldwide choose PADI. Established over 50 years ago.



75% of divers in Vietnam choose Rainbow Divers; established over 25 years ago.

The perfect combination throughout Vietnam!



There seems to be a lot of new dive associations; who should we choose? 


PADI are undoubtedly the Worldwide Industry leaders. Alternative dive agencies pop up from time to time and try to copy what PADI does. Quite simply, they can’t.

They alter requirements for learning to dive and make it ‘easier’ + cheaper. Cheap + easy is NOT a good combination when learning to dive. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! Insist on PADI.

Rainbow Divers established the Dive industry in Vietnam in 1997 and continue to set the standards for Training + Diving.

Why do your prices appear more expensive than other dive centres in Vietnam? 


Because they are! We established the recreational diving industry in Vietnam in 1996 and know the correct prices to charge to ensure equipment safety, air quality, staff training, professionalism and of course fun.

When other centres open they have no track record and no credibility, so they simply offer cheap-cheap. In diving you really do get what you pay for! Do you really want to be at 18m or 30m underwater with poorly trained + inexperienced staff?

Would you ever really consider the cheapest Skydiving Course?




Are your boats full of Russians or Chinese? 

No. Most dive centres in Nha Trang + on Phu Quoc, focus on the Russian + Chinese customers; quantity, not quality. We do have Russian + Chinese students + divers, but they tend to be those who appreciate professional quality, rather than being herded and treated like cattle.



Do you offer course training in a pool? 


We offer all initial training in a swimming pool or shallow safe dive sites. We believe that this is essential for you to gain confidence + competence whilst mastering basic dive skills.





Whale Island uses the excellent beach, but we can always offer the training in a pool in Saigon, if this helps.


This training must be performed by an Instructor, not a Divemaster or other member of the diveteam. Please check; for your safety!


Are you a gay dive centre? 


In the traditional sense of the word, which means fun, happy and carefree, then yes we are.

If, however, you’re asking about our sexual persuasion, then I would comment that we are a professional PADI dive centre and as such we are not interested in anyone’s religious, political or sexual preferences; if someone wants a safe + fun Diving experience, we can and will help.


Do you offer FREE internships?


The immediate answer is no, but read on.

We are a professional PADI dive centre staffed by professional PADI Instructors. We’ve all invested financially to become professionals.

An internship allows someone to get fully immersed into the workings of a dive centre and learn about the realities of the Dive Industry whilst training.



You get unlimited fun diving included in your internship. Some prospective interns speak several languages and maybe have IT + Marketing skills which are a useful addition to the dive centre, so we can discuss individual packages depending on individual abilities.

We ensure that your internship with us helps future employment with us, or somewhere in the World.

Many new centres will offer free courses as it’s a cheap way to get staff to run their centres. Their focus is on you working, not on your training + development.

If i come for an internship, can I renew my visa easily?

You can usually obtain a 1-3 month visa. You'll then need to leave the country to get anther; can be achieved in just 1 day. Check with us as regulations change so often!


Will you employ me after my internship?

Whilst we never guarantee employment after a DM or Instructor internship, we also don’t let a top professional leave us before we’ve made an offer!

Where is the best diving in Vietnam?


This really depends on the time of year, but each of our PADI Centres throughout Vietnam offers something different and unique.


Nha Trang (Open all year, but best diving between Feb-Oct) - Electric Nose & Madonna Rock





Whale Island (Open for diving from Tet till October) - The Three Kings & Hon Tai


Phu Quoc Island (open between October-April)



Whenever and wherever you dive with us, we'll show you something you haven't seen before!



Will you take me into the Ocean from your Boat for a Try-Dive? Many dive centres seem to offer this option.

It is mandatory for you to understand some basic theory and practice in shallow water (a Pool) before diving in the Ocean with your Instructor. We offer free online theory! This is for your safety and our control! Diving in the Ocean without basic knowledge and pool practice is not a good idea!