PADI IDC Staff Instructor

IDC Staff instructor Rainbow Divers


To be eligible to join the IDC Staff Course you must already be a PADI MSDT.


This confirms your commitment to personal continued education and your experience having taught at  least 25 students.


Now it’s time to revisit your IDC and learn ‘How to Teach Instructors’. It’s much more fun the 2nd time around!


You’ll be expected to have your Dive Theory up to speed and be familiar with the CD Manual, Instructor Manual + Guide to Teaching. Your Classroom + Confined Water presentations should be scoring a minimum of 4.


We’ll then cover the IDC prerequisites + performance requirement and, more importantly, The Psychology of  Evaluation and Councelling.


We complete the IDC Staff training prior to the IDC so that you can assist (and get credit for) and teach during the IDC. 


This course will take you through the key evolution of being a PADI instructor and hone your skills and knowledge of the PADI diver education system; right up to becoming a professional PADI Instructor-Trainer!


plus $750 emanuals + Slates

Plus PADI fees.


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