Why Choose PADI and Rainbow Divers Vietnam for your Scuba Diving Training

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Why Choose PADI and Rainbow Divers Vietnam for your Scuba Diving Training

PADI Scuba Diving credentials are the most sought after in the world for good reason. PADI is the world’s largest and most respective dive training organisation and you can be sure that no matter where you decide to dive, your certification card will be recognised, accepted and you’ll find yourself in the company of other divers who made the same choice as you for their training – to learn with PADI.

Here at Rainbow Divers we believe in not just certifying students as divers…

We are passionate about creating the best divers possible and that’s why you’ll never find yourself in a class of more than 4 students. Our small class sizes mean that you have maximum time with your instructor and you’ll never feel rushed. We share the same teaching ethos as PADI and believe in allowing each and every student to progress at a pace which suits them and their learning style. The PADI system of diver training takes a building block approach to learning so your instructor will make sure that you have comfortably mastered one skill or concept before presenting you with the next. This means less stress, better understanding, more relaxed diving and increased safety.

You’ll have access to your instructor throughout the course as well as comfortable air conditioned classrooms, student manuals, videos and they’ll be plenty of time for practising your dive skills in the swimming pool before heading out to the ocean. As you enter the open water for the first time you’ll feel confident in your training and abilities which means you’ll have a lot more fun!

We also understand that different divers have different needs, schedules and available time so we offer a range of learning options to suit you. If you’d prefer a shorter course or the opportunity to study at home and complete your theory before coming to Vietnam why not sign up for the PADI e-learning online?

You’ll be able to progress through the chapters at your own speed and when you’re here you won’t need time in the classroom, your training with us will all be in the swimming pool and out at the dive sites where you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning marine life that we have.

If you are already a certified diver who is looking to take the next step, we also offer a full range of PADI continuing education courses from Advanced Open Water and Speciality Courses through to professional training including Divemaster and Instructor programs.

If you want to stay with us for longer and really experience what life is like at a leading PADI Dive Centre why not join us for an internship? You’ll be learning new skills and techniques every day, meeting with real guests, diving at some of Vietnam’s best dive sites and although it can be challenging, it’s immensely rewarding and you’ll be leaving us with the prestigious Rainbow Divers name on your CV and your PADI certification cards in your hand. You’ll be prepared for a bright future in the diving industry and ready to embrace the scuba diving lifestyle of your dreams.

No matter what level of diver you are now, there is always more to learn and ways to improve. Here at Rainbow Divers we take diver training seriously and your development is our passion. Are you ready to embark on your next PADI adventure?

Contact us now to find out which PADI course to take next and to book your place on: nt@divevietnam.com

Dante Harker
Dante Harker
Dante Harker is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer who is a Social Media Consultant and novelist. Check out his travel website here

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