Beating my fears with Rainbow Divers
May 26, 2019

PADI Open Water to Divemaster in 4 Weeks!?!

In our dive shop we recently met a young Indian guy in Nha Trang who wanted to learn to dive and become a Divemaster. We carefully and thoroughly explained the steps to take and what each course entailed and of course, the associated costs. Plus, we explained that our internship option, done over 3 months would reduce the costs somewhat as he would be involved in marketing and promotion whilst learning all facets of the dive industry; after all, that’s what being a professional PADI Divemaster is all about.

Local Dive companies however, just need foreigners on ‘staff’ and find that enticing young gullible foreigners with QANTAS deals (Quick And Nasty Typical Asian Service) will appeal. It does to the unprepared. This guy was offered OW-DM in just 4 weeks and guaranteed a salaried position for 2 months after. Basically, just 3 weeks after becoming a certified diver, he would be responsible for divers’ control and safety whilst ‘guiding’ them around dive sites he hardly knows!


This is why QANTAS Dive centres charge less for fun divers as they’re being led by inexperienced guides. Try-divers are often not given fins or correctly fitting equipment or even a professional briefing. Just dragged around underwater and their money taken. At Rainbow we understand the importance of your 1st Try Dive. It determines whether or not you gain a passion and continue diving, or just tick a box to say you’ve tried. We have a huge conversion from a Try-Dive to becoming a certified diver because we simple share our passion with our new divers.

We’ve often had divers come into our bar at night after diving with other companies and ask us why we dive at a particular site, as there’s nothing to see. We simply show them the marine life that we saw there, courtesy of our experienced and passionate dive guides. Invariably they book with us for the following day, see amazing stuff and have a great day.
As with everything in life, especially diving, there will always be cheap alternatives, but you will get what you pay for. Do you really want to be at 18 metres with an inexperienced guide when you have an issue?

Or do you want to dive with qualified divers, who’s primary concern is your safety and ensuring that you have a great time. And this isn’t Rainbow Diver’s being selfless, we of course do want you to have a great dive, it makes it more fun for us, but we know that a happy diver, is more likely to visit our shop time and time again.

If you would like to know more or to book a dive trip then why not visit our contact page here.

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