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    As a certified and passionate recreational diver with pleasure dives under your belt and a base range of diving knowledge and experience, what next?

    Many people choose the first step of PADI’s GO – PRO certifications. PADI Divemaster is the first step of the ladder and covers all the key basics for professional dive mastery.

    We offer the Divemaster Course over a 2-3 week programme, or a 4-12 week internship. Why not spread your training between several of our centres?

By the end of the course you will have mastery of...

  • Dive guiding – preparing, briefing, leading and conducting guided pleasure diving experiences for certified divers.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of diving theory and the PADI system – topics including, diving Physics, physiology, RDPs, equipment and environment. Also an depth understanding of the PADI training system and regulations/legalities of the recreational diving industry and education.
  • Comprehensive water skills assessed and timed for a range of abilities.
  • Exemplary demonstration standard of the “core” PADI diving skills: Hovering, Mask removal/replace, CESA etc.
  • Exemplary rescue skills and Accident management abilities including a comprehensive ‘Emergency Action Plan’.
  • Minimum dive experience of 60 logged dives including proven experience with Night, Deep and Navigation dives. This should be considered a minimum only and we will take you well beyond this!
  • Also including a Mapping project and equipment exchange (also know as the “stress” test).
  • Continued professional assessment in key areas.
  • Demonstrable experience working as an Instructor-assistant on a full range of PADI courses – managing students and logistics, leading tour portions of dives and supervising students.

Your Internship: How to confirm + What to expect

  • Ask Lots of Questions NOW! - There really are no stupid Questions
  • When you’re happy, Book It :-)
  • Pay your deposit: Cash, Bank Transfer or Paypal
  • Fly to Vietnam. Arrive in Saigon. Transfer to designated Divecentre
  • Meet Divecentre Manager. Receive orientation, complete paperwork, pay agreed fees
  • Check into Lodgings
  • Sort out manuals, materials + equipment
  • Check-out Dives
  • Then we start your program :-)
  • Expect the Unexpected. Enjoy the Adventure + Experience

MONEY - The currency is VN Dong although most places accept US$ or credit cards, with a service charge :-(

ACCOMADATION - Hotel close to the Divecentre costs around $200 per month in Nha Trang ($250-400 per month on Phu Quoc, Whale Island + Con Dao)

COMMS - Get a SIM card for your phone. There is also good internet. Forget the Postal service!

PADI MANUALS + MATERIALS - These can be ordered in advance or you can purchase and bring with

GENERIC CONTINUITY - We’ll provide RB Shirts, Shorts, Cap,Logbook stamp and Business Cards for $50

FOOD + DRINKS - Everything + Anything is available, at a sensible price :-)

LIFE? - It’s what you make it and we’ll help you make what we think you want it to be!

HEALTH - There are Local + International Hospitals. Please arrive with personal accident + evac cover

A Typical Day? We’ll keep you busy :-)

Early Meeting to organise equipment + prep the Boat (or studying or on shop-shift or in the pool). Dive briefings en route to the Divesites. 2-3 Dives: 45-60 mins each. 0-60 min SIs. Return to divecentre around lunchtime. Chill/Relax or take a shop-shift or Study session (or 2nd boat-trip or pool or marketing). Evening shop-shift, or classroom training or socialising with Divers and Team. SLEEP...............

Groundhog Day :-) 5-7 days per week

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