With over 70 % of the planet covered in Ocean and with modern Science, its never been easier or safer to explore the aquatic world. PADI have been developing recreational diver training for over 40 years, with good reason they are the industry leader and oft’ copied by fledgling training agencies. Here at Rainbow Divers we believe in PADI’s tried and tested methodology and principals. Dive today – safely and responsibly. Get your PADI with Rainbow Divers.

  • Entry Level

    For those of you who have always dreamed of seeing the Aquatic world or maybe done a try dive or two on holiday. Maybe its time for the first step towards becoming certified. If your nervous, unsure or apprehensive or if your committed and resolute: Rainbow and PADI have the answer.

    All entry level courses use the same methodology of softly, softly. We will first introduce you to some basic theoretical principles to keep you safe and confident. Then we will merge in water training in a shallow swimming pool to build your understanding and intuition. Once mastering the required skills we will begin the process again in the Ocean environment where all your hard work will come to pass.

  • Advanced

    So, you’ve dived before and got the bug. Ready for the next step?
    PADI use a very simple training “tree” to allow you to build on your skills and knowledge in stages. So its very convenient to keep diving and learning in your limited spare time. Even if you did your entry level (or last) training course with a different agency you can still crossover. Below is a list (in order) for your next available “core” course. If you have any queries contact us.


  • Rainbow Divers Vietnam


    If you have a particular passion for a specific area of diving or just want to scratch an itch, have a look at the plethora of choices we can provide for Speciality courses. Short, simple and affordable these courses give you a great foundation in specific skill. Due to the extortionate cost of importing PADI Manuals into Vietnam, we suggest that you purchase your Specialty Manual and study before arriving. This will allow us to get straight into the water without studying in a classroom whilst on vacation 🙂 Order from your local PADI Divecentre.

    Details from www.padi.com

  • Professional Training

    The most exciting time in everybody’s life is when you start to change things. It’s all too easy these days to find a rut and stick with it. Comfort zones are safe and predictable. But time passes quickly; It’s Human nature to question ones’ path, can I do more? Am I fulfilled? What’s out there for me?
    Scuba diving is unique and you can make a career of it. Whether you are a passionate recreational diver or someone with a dream. Rainbow Academy can take you through all the steps to become an elite PADI dive trainer. Your office becomes the ocean, your reward will be seen everyday as you open the door to the magical Aquatic kingdom.