• Dive Club or Dive Trips with Friends?

    Rainbow Divers have been looking after individuals and groups in Vietnam for over 17 years. We think we do it right; certainly, if we believe the ‘Thank You’ emails we receive after such trips, we do!

    So, if you are thinking of coming to Vietnam to dive with your friends or Dive Club, let us offer some suggestions or ideas, based on reality + experience!

Organised by Divers for Divers!

We actually have held the biggest PADI-National Geographic Course in the World in Nha Trang!


  • We can handle Groups from 5 – 50 with appropriate warning + co-ordination!
  • Want your own Boat, or prefer to mingle with other divers? Just let us know!
  • Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Whale Island or Con Dao or combinations of these centres - just ask; we know what works!
  • If you want additional training, we offer all PADI Courses and the majority of PADI Specialties!
  • We can arrange all local sightseeing trips and activities through our local partners
  • Hotels, Flights, Transfers: No problem!
  • Don’t just book for one destination; we’ll suggest the best combinations.
  • Phu Quoc only connect to the rest of Vietnam via Saigon

Groups learning to Dive?

Start your theory on-line directly with PADI. Click here for details eLearning
1 Day in the pool in Saigon (see the city whilst you’re here!)
2-3 days at your Ocean centre of choice

Group Rates:
Hotels in Vietnam don’t generally seem to offer discounts for groups; nor do the Airlines. Maybe this will change in time with a better understanding of Tourism. Maybe!
We are happy to discuss group packages + discounts on an individual basis. We will not however lower our standards, service, or reputation ‘just to get your business’. We are a Professional Dive Operator and will offer you the most Professional Diving Service available in SE Asia.
We are not interested in offering ‘Cheap-Cheap’ that our so-called competitors will!
You’ll get what you pay for. In life and especially Diving!
With all Groups over 10, you each receive a unique Diving Souvenir:
- The PADI Distinctive Specialty Card “Vietnam Diver” recognising your ability to dive eco-friendly on a Wall, above Corals and on ‘Muck’.
- Not just a great memory, but also counts towards your 5 Specialties to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver!

Popular Options

Overnight stays in Saigon? We know the City well; tell us what you’re looking for!

  • 3 days diving Nha Trang + 3 days diving Whale Island

  • 3 days diving Nha Trang + 3 days diving Can Dao

  • 2 days diving Phu Quoc, 2 days diving Nha Trang, 2 days diving Whale Island.

  • Day dive trip to Whale Island from Nha Trang

  • Package Deals

    As a multi centre Dive operator based over a large geographical area of Southern Viet Nam, Rainbow Divers offer full service dive tours and packages. Whichever your main point of entry or exit: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Ha Noi or Da Nang there is always an easy, reliable and cost effective way to bounce around the country and experience the sights and destinations that suit your desires.

We have the expertise, contacts and knowledge to arrange everything from flights, transport and accommodation to fully tailored dive packages across all numerous locations. From weekend breaks to “The Ultimate Dive Tour” and everything in between.

Rainbow have cooperation with hundreds of hotels across the country from Six Senses Resorts, Novotel, Sheraton down to local Guest houses. We also have competitive rates with Viet Nam and Mekong Airlines. Sinh Café bus and travel and VNR, Viet Nam’s National Rail Network.

We can of course completely tailor any arrangements to suit your schedule and times of travel, please help us to offer the best fit by completing the below form. Our Concierge staff will get back to you within 24 hours with a proposal

Some Recent Group Diving

43 Danish Nat Geo Open Water Courses

43 Danish Nat Geo Open Water Courses

6 Days in Nha Trang
26 French Snorkelers

26 French Snorkelers

Phu Quoc Island. 2 Days
Filmcrew + presenters on location in Vietnam with Asian Film Fixer

Filmcrew + presenters on location in Vietnam with Asian Film Fixer

International School in Saigon. 16 Junior Students

International School in Saigon. 16 Junior Students

Saigon + Phu Quoc
Coral Sampling and Research - 10 DIVERS

Coral Sampling and Research - 10 DIVERS

16 DAYS. Nha Trang
Fish + Coral Surveys. 6 Divers – 3 months

Fish + Coral Surveys. 6 Divers – 3 months

Nha Trang + Con Dao