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April 5, 2017
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May 17, 2017

Five star service 3 star prices!

Five star service 3 star prices!

We get lots of great reviews, but one we had recently, we felt was so good that we had to share it with you.

Our illustrious leader Jeremy Stein, is a huge fan of cricket, and this review stems from what happened, during and after that game.

“The Captain Scotts Invitation XI, those of penguins stopped play by Harry Thompson, were touring the region as they do. The Vietnam leg included a game of cricket against the wonderful English Cricket Club of Saigon at the University ground. Jeremy, the founder of Rainbow Divers, found out at Pitchers bar, district 7 that we were planning a few days RnR in Nha Trang.

He offered to organise a boat with his head Dive master, Mitch, for some snorkelling and if anyone wanted to have a try dive they were welcome. Being the intrepid explorers following in Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s footsteps and generally coming second, we jumped at the chance to spend a day on a dive boat with the charming Mitch, his dive helpers Kiryl and Toy, the skipper and an eski or two of beer and gin!!

The only rule was that none of us who would go in the water would drink beforehand, lunch, fruits and water provided and Mitch and the crew would make sure we didn’t run out of beers!!! Rainbow Dive we were told were the first Dive centre and whilst I don’t know about the others I will never need to find out. They couldn’t be more helpful. Meeting in the bar in downtown Nha Trang for the scuba Dive briefing with a couple of the best caipirinhas you will get in Nha Trang and not at the prices they charge at the sailing club!! There is nothing that is too much trouble for Mitch, his phone is on 24/7, always cheerful and a story for every occasion.

He is a fair dinkum, Australian/French/British/Irishman and if you stick to his rules you will have a brilliant time. Four of us took up the offer of a try Dive and incredibly professional it was too.

We felt safe and well looked after. I had the pleasure of taking my seven year old on her first Snorkel and the open water course will follow, if Mitch is accessible in three years time then Seren and I will be seeking him and his team out to take our Certs with him!!

Thanks Mitch your Dive trip and Jeremy’s smile at 3am in A bar in Ho Chi Min made the trip extra special. And boy has Mitch got a few stories to tell… though naturally we were all sworn to secrecy. Official Secrets Act and all that… Let’s just say it would be no surprise to see Miss Moneypenny emerging from the glorious coral reefs…. I’ll be back to Rainbow Dive at some point in the future, of that there is no doubt!”

If you’d like to dive in Vietnam then get in touch.

Dante Harker
Dante Harker
Dante Harker is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer who is a Social Media Consultant and novelist. Check out his travel website here

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