Fantastic IDC in Vietnam – Candidate Interviews

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Fantastic IDC in Vietnam – Candidate Interviews

For many avid scuba divers, the dream life of spending your days underwater, on beaches and on boats only really happens on holiday. Those brief few weeks (or if you’re lucky, months) gives you a taste of what life could be like without a bothersome commute or grey office-based existence.

For some, being an occasional fun diver whilst on holiday just isn’t enough. The best way to fully immerse yourself in the diving world, is to train as an instructor and spend your days teaching others so that they are able to enjoy the amazing underwater experience too.

That’s what we do at Rainbow Divers; every day we see people coming through our doors that are experiencing the full spectrum of emotions…nerves, excitement, trepidation, exhilaration…and so much more!

This IDC was named 20:15:07

Simply because we’ve been a PADI divecentre for 20 years; been doing IDCs for 15 years; and there were 7 Candidates on this course.

Our Instructor Development Course (IDC) runs several times a year and with our wealth of experience, we take capable divemasters into a new realm of confidence. Our most recent IDC was one of our best yet (which is saying something indeed as, we’ve been holding them with our onsite founder and course director Jeremy Stein for over 15 years).

To share a little taste of what occurred this time around, we caught up with some of our most promising candidates throughout the course.

Our candidates in March 2016’s IDC were from all over the globe, but we chatted to Alex who lives in Spain, Christophe hailing from France, Malaysian national Jinchee, and also two Texans (no, they didn’t know each-other before), Ryan and Nick.

Slightly motley looking bunch of instructors to be…

RD: Which part of the IDC are you most looking forward to?”

NICK: I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for diving with others and to be able to explore the ocean. It’s modern day exploration, since we know more about space then we know about our oceans

RD: What made you decide to take the plunge and become an instructor?

RYAN:  I will have better job opportunities as a PADI instructor. And introduce people to the underwater world.

RD: So Ryan, when and where did your passion for diving begin?

RYAN: The very first time I went diving, it was in 2013 I was backpacking through Thailand. Being underwater, I was able to move around in a whole new way while being surrounded by fish. It was amazing for me.

RD: The IDC is also pretty academic, and at Rainbow Divers, we do NOT skimp on classroom tutorials. How have you found it?

ALEX: I have to study hard, there is a lot I need to catch up on. But it’s a very good process and I feel like I’m making progress.

RD: What are your impressions of Nha Trang? Is it a good place to take your IDC?

CHRISTOPHE: I really like it here. I’m learning a lot and my English is improving as well…fantastic!

RD: That’s great news! On the subject of speaking, classroom presentations are an important aspect of your IDC…how are you finding them?

CHRISTPOHE: I like the presentation element, where we have to present to each other in the student scenarios and where we have to present skills for each other. It’s been eye-opening.

RD: You’ve been practising skill demonstrations in the pool. Which one do you find most challenging?

JINCHEE: It was hard to get everyone lined up and arranged underwater in the pool. But I think we all struggled with that

RD: How are you finding the IDC so far?

JINCHEE: I find it challenging but I’m learning a lot…so far, it’s been epic!

Our IDC candidates all had a blast this time around, and even though there were some challenging moments, it was another course full of excitement. So we now have the privilege of presenting the world with another set of fantastic new instructors. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Padi diving instructor?

Rainbow Divers is the most established dive centre in Vietnam and even though we’re bias, We’re confident that we’re the very BEST choice for you! For more information about our IDC check out this page.

Dante Harker
Dante Harker
Dante Harker is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer who is a Social Media Consultant and novelist. Check out his travel website here

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