Phu Quoc Dive Centre

To support the Government and to help stem the Corona virus spread, we have suspended all diving activities till the next season starting in October.

We are open and diving until the end of April. That’s traditionally when the rainy season starts and adversely affect the water conditions and restricts visibility, potentially affecting safety.

However, when we are closed in Phu Quoc you can still enjoy diving at our other locations: Con Dao Island, Whale Island and in Nha Trang.


Diving and snorkeling around the warm waters of Phu Quoc takes place on the North-Western side of the island or around the small archipelago to the South.


Phu Quoc is a real get away from the crowds and noise of mainland Vietnam. This relatively undiscovered part of the country is fast becoming a hot-spot for tourism.


Diving is only really acceptable between October-April. The best location for diving truly depends on the prevailing winds, which unfortunately can change quickly, so our expert local knowledge is somewhat essential!


Due to the Islands proximity to the Mekong delta region visibility is rarely as clear as found in high season in Nha Trang + Whale Island.


However, the nutritious run off from the Mekong and the constantly warm water temperatures give Phu Quoc some excellent hard coral growth.

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