• About Rainbow Divers

    Rainbow Divers Viet Nam first opened its door for recreational divers in 1996. In the early years Viet Nam had NO diving industry and the sight of people diving and donning SCUBA gear was a curiosity thought to be temporary. Little did the country realise its potential for a whole new tourist industry and a new gateway to the Charm of Asia.

Founder, Owner and Pioneer of Viet Nam’s diving industry, Jeremy P. Stein, saw the future and persevered through the early years to create a lasting and quality presence. Rainbow Divers has come to mean many things. As an industry leader and top level PADI representative Rainbow continue to pioneer/invent and lead the industry in Viet Nam. Our brand name is synonymous with: Professionalism, Safety, versatility and development.

Rainbow are the only true Multi centre dive business in the country with 5 PADI Ocean centres and our Saigon training/referral centre. From daily dive trips and PADI training through to junior education programs and ex-pat/tourist travel services, in Viet Nam Rainbow CAN!

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Российские туристы из Хабаровска сердечно благодарят компанию "Rainbow" и мистера Джереми за хороший отдых во Вьетнаме, а так же за дайвинг на островах. Отдельное спасибо Дмитрию - Вашему Российскому представителю. Очень хорошая работа, слаженный международный коллектив. Надеемся приехать к Вам вновь. Спасибо.

Ирина Russia Feb. 26, 2007